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01 Nov

I'll give you one example. I was headed for Barranquilla, Colombia, and on this particular trip, I was going to head down on my own. 

I started sending out emails to the Latin girls of Barranquilla a month before I got to Barranquilla. By the time the final day of travel arrived, I had already made about 15 new girl friends in that city. 

I have all of their email addresses and out of those 15, I've chatted consistently with about five of them, and I have those five girls phone numbers. 

Two of them offered to pick me up at the airport; I opted for the one that I felt the most chemistry with. 

So when I got to Barranquilla I had this beautiful Latin girl, waiting there to give me a warm welcome! The moral of this story is that you need to get your butt online.

STEP 2: Try to meet some Latin girls on the plane, and in the airport. One of the best places to make friends and meet people, both men and women, is on the plane ride over. 

Plane rides are long and boring, and it's the perfect place to start up a conversation with a stranger. 

A simple "where are you headed?", can start up a conversation that could last the entire flight. 

I've met many girls on the airplane and at airport gates while waiting for my flight. Airports are full of foreigners and it's a great place to meet some foreign girls.

Step 3: Approach and make free chat friends! If you haven't done step 1 and 2, then you're last and only choice is step three. Some good people to befriend are taxi drivers, hotel personnel, waitresses, and cashiers. 

This approach is probably the toughest out of all three, and one of the main reasons is because of the time limitations you will most likely have on your trip. 

Once you meet a Latin girl in town, it's going to take some time to build some trust, and if the girl works or goes to school you might not have enough time to make something happen. 

The benefit of meeting women online before you get there is that you will already have a certain amount of trust with the girl when you finally meet in person.

Approaching people on the streets is not easy for everyone but look at this way, if you're in a foreign land surrounded by attractive latin women, there's no better motivation to approach.

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