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The University of Winnipeg is a Canadian public secondary education facility located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. The school offers programs mainly in the undergraduate level, although some programs of the post graduate type and a continuing education program are available. The University of Winnipeg was founded in 1938 following the merger of Manitoba College (founded 1871), Yellow College (founded 1875) and Wesley College (founded 1888), to form the United College (university College), it is an affiliated university to the University of Manitoba.

It became an independent university under Read More Here its current name in 1967. The University of Winnipeg is also home to a high school: the University of Winnipeg Collegiate (Collegiate Institute of the University of Winnipeg).

The University of Winnipeg was ranked in Maclean's magazine by its former students among the top ten Canadian secondary education facilities in relation to their school experiences (Entire Educational Experience). Students are represented by the Student Association of the University of Winnipeg (University of Winnipeg Students' Association).

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